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This podcast is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the STUFF, all the chat and who want the perspective and opinions of two passionate business owners.

This is a platform for us to give you our edit all of that endless chat, what excites us, what we think you should know and the people we think you should hear from.

Each Our Business Edit episode, you can expected plenty of chats giggles and funny stories, mixed in with practical advice and inspiration for your business or career.

Meet the girls that make the OBE magic happen

Claire McKeen

The Keen Collective

I moved from the chilly UK to Australia’s so-good-it-should-be-illegal climate with my family back in 2001. I’ve always had a business project on the go (candle making, meditation classes – you name it I’ve tried it). But it wasn’t until I received my fancy piece of paper (see: Bachelor of Communication, majoring in PR and Creative Advertising) that I found my calling.

I scored a job at Seven West Media (Channel 7 to most) working across all things television, print, digital and social for their various brands. I helped some pretty big-name brands buy media and learned a heck of a lot about the media industry. Next, I took on a role as a Senior Account Manager in a full-service Advertising and Marketing Agency. This gave me a complete understanding of the media landscape and the very real struggles business owners face…

It got me thinking… Imagine if I could help businesses to truly understand, master and implement powerful marketing strategies without the missed opportunities, wasted money and frustrations. So I stopped imagining and started doing. Voila: The Keen Collective was born.


Yiota Athousis

Ola Digital

A typical day in my life includes copious amounts of iced coffee while: designing websites, podcast planning and interviewing, executing client strategies, exploring new approaches to digital and most importantly, laughing at memes. After completing my studies at the University of Queensland, I jumped straight into full-time work learning all the ins and outs of digital, marketing and media as a marketing manager at a full-service agency.

Through working with many varied clients, finding my love of web design and my passion for digital marketing – my business at Ola Digital was born. I make it sound easy by condesing it down to just a few sentences, but I promise there have been plenty of struggles and ‘what am I even doing’ moments in between the smiles. Every day at Ola Digital is different, and I am always facing challenges that need super solutions, but I absolutely love it.

Through starting my business and jumping headfirst into the Instagram community, I met the wonderful Claire. To say we instantly clicked is an understatement – we’re basically the same person. Starting a podcast together was a natural progression of the friendship, so Our Business Edit was born.


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